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  1. Fill in all of your contact information. If you are submitting work for someone else, fill in your contact info and fill in the name of the person your are submitting for in the "writer name" field.

  2. ATTENTION! We are doing something unusual with this year’s issue!

    In December 1816 (so 200 years before this issue will be published), John Keats and his friend Leigh Hunt had a small sonnet ‘competition.’ While relaxing one evening, they decided to each try to write a sonnet in 15 minutes on the subject of a grasshopper and a cricket. By most opinions Keats won the contest. But that is beside the point…..

    In the spirit of this moment – a reminder that poetry can be fun and sudden, not always brooded-upon and hatched like some eternal egg – we are putting together an issue of new sonnets. The sonnets should be written in ONE HOUR or less and should be on one of five themes:

  3. 1. Silence
    2.A container
    3. A walk
    4. water
    5. A frame

    We are going to publish 10 sonnets on each of these five themes. As they fill up, we’ll remove them from the list of available topics. If your sonnet is picked for publication, we’ll pay you $75. Not bad for an hourly rate….
    If you decide to take us up on this challenge and submit a sonnet, please put ‘Sonnet Issue’ in the title of your uploaded file, and in your cover letter please make it clear that you have followed our time limit and let us know, if it isn't already clear from the poem, which theme you are addressing.

    You are also welcome to submit ‘normal’ submissions for consideration in later issues.

    The below basic guidelines will apply to both types of submissions.

  4. Fill in the title(s) of the work(s) you are submitting. If you are submitting multiple works, separate titles with commas.

  5. Please submit all poems together in a single document. Use the browse button to find the file on your computer that you would like to submit. Select the file and click on the open button. Your file will then appear in the "file" field.

  6. We charge a small reading fee for submissions. To pay the $2.50 fee, select the first option in the "genre" box for non-subscribers. If you would prefer to buy a single issue or subscribe, you may do that in lieu of paying the fee. To do that, select your desired subscription level in the 'genre' box. If you are a current subscriber to the magazine, your may submit at no charge. Please note, the string of numbers after each dollar amount is an accounting necessity on our end, and can be ignored.

    Finally, though we have given the option to subscribe, there is no preference given in our editorial process to subscribers or new subscribers.

  7. If you wish you can fill in the comments field with any additional information you'd like to send, then click submit.

  8. You will then have the option to review your information and confirm that it is correct. Hit continue and you're done.
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